Welcome to the City of Stonnington Parking Alliance Website

The City of Stonnington asks that all residents and visitors adhere to our parking restrictions in an effort to keep our streets safe.

Parking signs can apply to either a length of road, an area or a car park.  It is important that you look for signs when entering any street or car park.  They may not be right next to your car. If a sign is located at a distance from your vehicle, you should leave your vehicle and move to a point from which you can clearly read every panel of the sign to ensure that the position in which you have chosen to park is legal.

Reading every panel of a multi-panel sign is vital.  Each panel could contain information relating to the location in which you want to park your car.  The panels with the arrows pointing towards your car will advise which restrictions apply to you.  Don't forget, some areas can have several different types of restriction in a single day ie: timed parking, permit zone, loading zone etc.

Information relating to the days and times when restrictions apply can vary from location to location.  Each sign will tell you when it applies. If no days and times are shown, the restriction applies twenty-four (24) hours of every day of the year.

Parking signs should be checked every time you park your car, even if you are familiar with the area.  Restrictions and/or the days and times when restrictions apply are occasionally amended to meet the changing needs of the community.

Some streets can have several different restrictions operating at once eg: Chapel Street has 1 hour timed areas, 2 hour timed areas, truck zones, loading zones, no stopping areas, 15 minute areas etc., operating at different times of the day and night.

Licensed drivers are expected to be aware of the Road Rules and adhere to them at all times.

Note: The information contained in the following pages are up to date as at 1 November 2017.  The Road Rules are set under State Legislation and, as such, are subject to change. For the latest details relating to parking signs and infringement notices, refer directly to the Road Safety Road Rules 2017.